What We Do

Introducing a slew of our services. We pride ourselves in doing the best work possible and delivering on time.

In creating our consulting division we looked at the vital ingredients needed to ensure a vibrant, dynamic and high-quality consulting service. We bring honesty and sincerity to our work; being candid with our clients, and providing them with the insights and solutions they need.
Systems Integration
With the ever-increasing need for data visualization and connectivity between businesses, legacy system usage and B2B systems are driving the need for integration. With the use of multi-layered and service-oriented architectures within our APIs and Web Services, we enable our clients a more uniform and structured point-to-point integrations that do not become brittle over time.
This particular area consistently delivers significant value, be it strategic to tactical, top-line to bottom-line – to the organisations and executives who use it. We also afford this in our product offerings, where insight derived from data is pivotal in decision making and competitive advantage.

Cloud Computing
We have been working with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing since 2014. As of April 2018, we started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will possibly work with AlibabaCloud in the near future. The adoption of a cloud-based solution offers our clients an inherent advantage both from a cost and scalability perspective by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure.
Software Development
We develop custom software solutions that are specifically tailored to our client's requirements. We are not only passionate about this area but also relish the inherent and exciting challenges this brings. Affording our clients long-term solutions that continuously yield benefits is what we pride ourselves in.
Data Management
In the knowledge economy, there is no dispute that data is the fuel for generating insight and growth. We believe in both our service and product offerings that administrative processes need to be put in place to facilitate the proper storage, protection and timely accessibility of data and information by the users thereof.