A few words about us

About Us

InfoByte Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a FinTech company that has been operating since June 2014.The company has a consultancy and product development division. Understanding the importance of data in the information economy, coupled with an appetite for disrupting orthodox financial services solutions served as a sufficient motivation for participating in this space.

Our Timeline

  • 2013 February

    Company was founded.
  • 2014 June

    Launched consultancy services (Analytics and Data Management)
  • 2014 November

    Proof of Concept G-RAM (Generic Risk Analytics Model) solution.
  • 2015 April

    Prototype launched - collective investment platform called Ye2.
  • 2017 February

    Partnered with Seed of Prosperity (Pty) Ltd and went live with the financial wellness platform called Moneyac.